About Angel Collective: Angel Wings NFT

You wake up and you can’t believe it…you are flying high in the sky. You feel the sun on your face and the wind whipping through your hair, and suddenly you are among the clouds. 

You look sideways and you see that you have beautiful Angel Wings that glide effortlessly through the air. 

You’ve never felt this amazing, and wish this would go on forever. 

You wake up and realize that although it was a dream, you’ve always remembered how amazing it felt. 

With the Angel Wing NFT you’ll get your very own set of personalized Angel Wings, just like in your dream.  

Angel Wings have deep meanings of Guardianship, Protection, Purity, Courage, Love, and Harmony. 

Your Angel Wing NFT symbolizes your guardian looking over you, protecting you while you are awake and asleep. 

Just imagine how amazing it would feel to have your own set of Angel Wings (or a few). They also make great gifts for your friends and family.

Angel Wings come in many shapes and sizes, and once you see the perfect set, you’ll know immediately. 

Make sure to set your calendar for our launch dates, and to stay active in the community so you can pick up your very own set of Angel Wings.