Wanna buy some ANGLs?

Here's how to get them on your side...

1. Create a Coinbase account with crypto currency.
2. Then buy Ethereum (ETH) with a bank transfer or credit card.
3. Set up metamask.IO which can be downloaded as a phone app or a Chrome/Firefox extension.
4. Copy your metamask.IO Ethereum wallet address.
5. Once Coinbase has Ethereum, you can transfer the ETH to your metamask.IO account.
6. Open the Uniswap exchange app, which is an app or website located at app.unispwap.org.
7. Then connect your metamask wallet to uniswap on the top-right, and then you will be able to see your Ethereum in Uniswap.
8. Go to the swap tab and you can swap your Ethereum for the token. Which is called ANGL, or you can use the token address by Clicking Here.
9. Swap ETH for ANGL, and you now have ANGL!

QUICK TIP: If the transaction doesn’t happen right away, click the little gear icon and modify the slippage tolerance to at least 12%, otherwise your transaction may not go through. If this still occurs at 12%, slowly increment the slippage tolerance until the transaction succeeds.