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How to Buy ANGL's

Follow These Steps To Get ANGL's On Your Side

Step 1

Create a Coinbase account with crypto currency

Step 2

Buy Ethereum (ETH) with a bank transfer or credit card inside your Coinbase account

Step 3

Set up metamask.IO which can be downloaded as a phone app or a Chrome/Firefox extension

Step 4

Copy your metamask.IO Ethereum wallet address

Step 5

Once Coinbase has Ethereum, you can transfer the ETH to your metamask.IO account

Step 6

Open the Uniswap exchange app, either using the mobile app, or visiting their website

Step 7

Connect your metamask wallet to uniswap (top-right), using the Ethereum you have in Uniswap

Step 8

Go to the swap tab and you can swap your Ethereum for the token. (Or click here to go directly there)

Step 9

Swap ETH for ANGL, and you now have $ANGL!

Slow Transfer? Use This Fix.

QUICK TIP: If the transaction doesn’t happen right away, click the little gear icon and modify the slippage tolerance to at least 12%, otherwise your transaction may not go through. If this still occurs at 12%, slowly increment the slippage tolerance until the transaction succeeds.

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