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Do You Believe In Angels?

Have you ever wished upon a star?

Do you believe in angels?

Have you ever asked your guardian angel for help and guidance?

From our childhood many of us are taught that our guardian angel is “on our side and with the light of our angels guiding our path, no harm can come to us.

But….there’s a problem. The world is divided now more than ever and our Angels are not able to keep up with the destructive nature of man.

With climate change, political unrest, riots, nasty tweet battles, and more, if we don’t do something now our angels won’t be able to stop humans from tumbling deeper and deeper into darkness.

It’s time to IGNITE our angels, and we need your help!

A collective of humans that believes in the goodness of men and women are “locking wings”.

People who wish to see mankind flourish in beautiful ways that bring out the best in all of us.

We're On A Mission To Stop Evil In It's Tracks

& Move The World In The Right Direction

If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference, and reverse the darkness plaguing humanity, then the Angels Collective is the place for you.

Join us in our quest to reshape humanity.

Simply grab your angel wings, and fly!

That’s right! It’s that simple.

The best way to make a fast difference is to BARE and SHARE your wings!

Every share IGNITES the light in the Angel Collective. The more light we share, the less darkness we will have to endure.

We need you now more than ever. Take the first step and we’ll lock wings and fly with you.

Wear and share your wings NOW by clicking this link and Instantly join the Angels Collective to build a better world for all of us.

Looking forward to seeing you in Heaven.


Capped ANGL Supply At 100 Billion Coins

Angel Collective Tokens are a holder reward token meaning holders get 5% with every transaction.

Angel Collective Token (ANGL) is an ERC-20 token, launched on December, 18 2021 with a supply of 100 billion tokens.

The ANGL release was as follows:

Contract deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. Anti-sniper, anti-whale, maximum wallets functions will be added to the Smart Contract to ensure a FAIR and SAFE environment for the ENTIRE community.

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